The week in 777 (April 18-22nd)

by Mike Gleicher on April 15, 2011

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Remember, that project 2 plans are due on April 15th. In addition to the plan requirements (posted on the Project 2 Details page), I want each person to send me email describing what they plan on doing for their project next week.

The week of April 18-22nd, we will not have class lectures so that people really have time to dive into their projects. You should do the background reading, and hopefully get into the main body of the project. What this means will be different for each project.

There are project deliverables (the Proof of Concept Checkpoint, and initial readings list) due on Friday, April 22nd. Details on the form of these will be coming soon.

I will want to meet with at least some of each team on Friday 4/22 to discuss your progress (I understand if we can’t find a time for the entire team to meet). If your checkpoint report can convince me that we don’t need to meet, then we don’t have to – but this will require you to send me your report early (like before Friday morning) so I can read it and confirm that we don’t need to meet.

The film assignment is due before Friday 4/22 (e.g. on Thursday). It shouldn’t take long, and most people find it fun.

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