Project 2 Checkpoint 2 (4/22)

by Mike Gleicher on April 21, 2011

in News,Project 2

For the Friday April 22nd checkpoint, I think its better to have an “in-person” conversation, rather than a written thing and an email conversation. We can probably do more in a 10 minute conversation than 30 minutes of writing.

I will be in my office (or close by) from 10:15-11:45, and in the early afternoon (like 2-3 – if I am not in my office, I’ll leave a post-it on my door). At least some of your group should come by (not everyone has to come, but the more more the merrier). If you want to pick a time send me email, otherwise just stop by and try to find me.

Based on our conversation, I might ask you to write something down for the checkpoint. But hopefully, we’ll both have a clear picture of your next steps from the conversation.

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