by Mike Gleicher on May 3, 2011

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Fortunately, no one has asked. But I assume some of you are wondering about it.

As you probably know, I hate having to assign grades. Or figure out how to evaluate/judge work like this. But I have to do it.

Roughly, I plan to weight things:

  • 1/3 Project 1
  • 1/3 Project 2
  • 1/3 Other stuff (class participation, readings and assignments)

Project 2, we’ll wait and see what happens.

As for project 1: I am having a tough time with it.  But basically, the range is pretty narrow: all groups made a good attempt, although the results vary a bit. And there was a complete “compliance” with the requirements. The projects are all in the range from “probably deserves at least a B” to “maybe should get an A.” So your project is either in the B/AB range or the AB/A range.

As for the everything else….

Everyone did most things (show up, make some positing when asked, …). There is wide dynamic range in how much people contribute, how thoughtful their posts are, … But I would say that everyone falls in the range of B (good enough) to A (above expectations).

Attendance: I was keeping score, although I wasn’t as careful about it
as I might have thought. Most people came "usually", a few people
seemed to be missing (without telling me) more often (and I might
comment on this)

Readings and Assignments: There were 9 reading assignments (the first
reading assignment was the skimming assignment), the video assignment,
the picture/movie making assignment and the film assignment.

R&A quantity: in all cases, people did almost everything. Most people
missed 1. In one case, someone missed a bunch (and an assignment). But
this person made up for it in other ways.

R&A quality: this was totally subjective. Some people consistently
wrote thoughtful, detailed postings. Some people consistently did minimal
things that didn’t help me understand whether you were getting it or
not. Most people were somewhere in between.

Class Participation: again, this is totally subjective. Its also a personal thing: there are people who just aren’t as outgoing in terms of class. And there are some who are very willing to admit they didn’t understand something. And there are some of you who not only didn’t contribute, but would barely answer direct questions, and not even show signs of acknoledgement when I was trying to explain things. You probably know where you stand in this regard.

For those of you who were actively enaged, thank you. It makes teaching much more interesting and fun for me. It probably also helps others – if you have a question, someone else probably has a similar one. Or the tangent you ask about might shed light on a topic, or make me explain something in a different way that will help others.

I’ll lump people between good, acceptable, below expectations, and poor/unacceptable.

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