The week in 777: Week 6 Feb 25-Mar 1

by Mike Gleicher on February 22, 2013

OK. This was an odd week since I was sick, which sets everything back a bit. But we’re wrapping up with a bang: today, you’ll turn in your assignment 4 and pick your partner (or have me pick you a partner) for assignment 5.

Note: you need to post something on the Moodle discussion for Assignment 4 in order to see what everyone else did. If you partner has already posted your movie, just make another posting saying which movie was yours.

Also, please email me your partner choice for Assignment 5 by 1pm (this is an extra hour). Otherwise, I’ll pick a partner for you.

Even though we missed a lecture, I plan to proceed as if we had that lecture, compressing some of the topics (I am not sure there was 3 days worth of stuff to talk about). I was tempted to add a Friday lecture to catch up, but instead, I plan to have a discussion of Assignment 5. Since I told you no class Fridays until after break, it’s optional – but it might be helpful.

Monday – February 25 – You’ll read about basic motion processing/editing techniques. Reading 9 has a question to answer on Moodle. In lecture, we’ll talk about these basic motion techniques, and how they relate to motion processing overall.

Wednesday – February 27 – You’ll read about blending techniques. You’ve probably got the basics down, but you’ll see fancier methods that build on them. Reading 10 will introduce more about blending. And there will be a writing component.

Friday – March 1st – The first checkpoint of Assignment 5 is due. You’ll have to post something on Moodle that tells me what the status of things is. We’ll also have a class meeting (optional) where I’ll discuss the assignment, including brainstorming ideas for assignment 6 and tricks to make the project come out better. It’ll be a good time to ask questions – if I don’t know the answer, maybe a classmate will!

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