Check/No Check Grading and Movie Grades

by Mike Gleicher on February 25, 2013

Since someone asked today:

As you know, I am still experimenting with Moodle – so, some of the things that are, um, not-ideal about how stuff works are things that I am aware of but am stuck with the system. Or are bad choices and I’ve learned that I can’t do anything about.

One thing you’ll notice: for check/no check assignments (like reading), I am actually marking them on a 4pt scale: notable, acceptable, minimal, none. There is a lot of noise in how I check things off, so don’t read too much into what you get (other than, that I check off something other than none). Sometimes, if I feel like what you’ve done is really “above expectations”, and I think of it, I’ll check “notable.” If it really is sub-par, I’ll check “minimal.” As long as you don’t consistently get minimal, you are OK.

The movies are actually check/nocheck grading, but I didn’t do it with the moodle forum checkoff. Everyone gets a “check.” Yes, there is variance, and one which I think is “barely OK” – but overall, I think that people got the spirit of the assignment, and showed that you have some experience as to what a commercial animation tool is about.

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