Assignment 5 Checkpoint

by Mike Gleicher on February 27, 2013

On Friday, March 1st you have a “checkpoint” for Assignment 5. For this checkpoint you need to send me email explaining what the status of things is.

In this email, please:

  • CC your project partner (so I don’t have to try to look up their email). Only one of you needs to send me a note. Note: if you are having problems with your partner, you should send me a separate email.
  • Explain your tool choices (languages, libraries, …)
  • A description of what you have working (e.g. parsing files, drawing characters, basic camera controls, …)
  • Your thoughts on what you want to do for part 2. If you give me some ideas as to what your are interesting in / thinking about, I will help you come up with a more specific plan.
  • Please include a screen shot so I can get a sense that you are actually drawing stuff.
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