Reading 15: Basic Skinning

by Mike Gleicher on March 14, 2013

For Monday, March 18th, we’ll talk about skinning. We’ll talk about the basic “linear” methods that really get used in practice. To learn about it, we’ll read some of the fancier papers that extend the basic methods – not just because they make important additions, but also because they explain the basic stuff well.

These two papers are required for Monday, March 18th. I am putting a simple question on Moodle, since if I don’t I get no sense of how many people really get something out of the paper. They are not “huge” papers – you should be able to get the point pretty quickly. (since I posted this late, you can do the readings after lecture – but before class on Wednesday, March 20th).

There are other papers – but I don’t want to give you any more than this to read. To get a sense of where we are going with this, you can look at last time’s reading list. We’ll do dual-quaternions and cages later in the semester.

Basic Skinning – The Classics

  1. Mohr & Gleicher. Building efficient, accurate character skins from examples. SIGGRAPH 2003.,
  2. Lewis, et al. Pose space deformation: a unified approach to shape interpolation and skeleton-driven deformation.
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