Reading 20: As Rigid as Possible (and other deformations)

by Mike Gleicher on April 19, 2013

We’ll talk about space warping/deformation methods in 2D. There are many possible things I could have you read, but I pick this one:

Takeo Igarashi, Tomer Moscovich, John F. Hughes, "As-Rigid-As-Possible Shape Manipulation", ACM Transactions on Computer Graphics, Vol.24, No.3, ACM SIGGRAPH 2005, Los Angels, USA, 2005. PDF

(the project page) has video

You might also be interested in our paper that builds on it to do video stabilization (optional reading):

Or a prior paper that introduced the idea

  • Alexa, M., Cohen-Or, D., & Levin, D. (2000). As-rigid-as-possible shape interpolation. Proceedings of the 27th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques – SIGGRAPH  ’00 (pp. 157–164). New York, New York, USA: ACM Press. doi:10.1145/344779.344859 (official page, pdf)

Answer the question on Moodle before class (on April 24th).

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