The week in 777: Week 13 April 22-26

by Mike Gleicher on April 19, 2013

Wow, week 13 of 15 – we’re almost done.

This week, you’ll be in the thick of your projects. But, we’ll talk about some new topics and have some readings.

  • Monday, April 22nd – We’ll finish our discussion of film techniques. I want you to read something on the perception of film, and how I’ve made use of film knowledge to build systems (Reading 19). I would prefer if you did the reading before class, but you can make the Moodle posting by the end of the day.
  • Wednesday, April 24th – We’ll talk about 2D deformations. Reading 20 will ask you to read about (and write a Moodle posting) about one of my favorites. But I’ll talk about others in class.
  • Friday, April 26th – No Lecture. Project Checkpoint. Details coming soon, but I am going to ask for a bit more details this week. You will be asked to re-evaluate your plan. (you will have to turn in a revised planning document)
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