Reading 22: Faces and Talks

by Mike Gleicher on April 21, 2013

(note this is for May 1: it might get posted out of order)

On May 1st, we’re going to be starting on facial animation. But instead, I might make a detour and talk about giving talks.

To read about presentations, I want you to read last year’s assignment (you don’t need to do it), and then read my notes from 2 years ago. Reading the assignment (which was to read those notes) gives some context to those notes. You can of course do more of the assignment.

The technical topic du jour is facial animation. We might not get to cover it in class today, but we’ll have time in the next lecture.

I want you to read the survey paper:

Deng and Noh. Computer Facial Animation: A Survey. (pdf here, citseer here)

It’s a little long, but you’re mainly reading it to get a rough idea of the different approaches. The Moodle question is about this reading. There will be another Moodle thing about talks later.

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