Project 2 Checkpoint 2 (Signs of Life)

by Mike Gleicher on April 25, 2013

For this week’s checkpoint (scheduled for Friday 4/26), the project milestones web page says “Signs of Life Checkpoint”. The actual deadline is extended a little (see below).

There are a few things that page says, but I will change it a bit:

  1. It says I will meet with each group. This is optional. If you (either individually, or as a group) would like to meet to discuss your project, send me email and we’ll set a time (either late friday morning or early afternoon). Remember, I am happy to talk to people about projects: if you want help, advice, a pat on the back, … let me know and I’ll make time to meet with you.
  2. It says that if you are making a film, you need to have a story board (and maybe some initial pre-vis). Also, you should describe your asset needs, and how you expect to fill them (if you need models, music, …). I will want this from both of the movie groups.
  3. It says that “For your technical components, you should have some initial demo to show that things are coming together.” Since we’re not doing in-person demos, I’ll take a written description, and preferably a picture.
  4. I’ve also said that I would like an updated plan. I really do want this – even if (or especially if) you didn’t turn in a plan initially.


For each movie group (you only need to do this once – ONE person sends me email, but make sure that all project partners are CC’ed): send me an email with:

  1. A synopsis of the movie a 1-2 paragraph description (what it looks like, what happens, …)
  2. A story board showing each shot, with an idea of the major items and movements in each shot. Sketchy is fine.
  3. An asset list of all the major objects (models, pre-recorded movements, music, …) that you will need, and where you expect to get them from.
  4. (preferably – but optional) an example rendered frame, showing what things will look like. (or what they won’t look like – with an explanation of what will be fixed)
  5. A list of the technical components and how they will fit into the film

For each person (even if you are part of a movie group and did the stuff above), please put the following things in the Moodle Handin. You should be able to upload multiple files, but I would actually prefer that you try to put pictures in your document. It’s OK to have all of these in 1 PDF, or have separate pieces.

  1. A one sentence statement of what your project is. (the technical project, if its part of a movie)
  2. A paragraph or so describing what you have done so far.
  3. A list of the papers you’ve read so far.With each, give an assessment as to whether or not its helping you with the project.
  4. A description of “if I were to see a demo, what would I see.” Please be honest, but also what’s behind the scenes. “You’d see see a screenful of compiler errors, but the code should be a complete implementation of Igarashi As-Rigid-As-Possible Manipulation. I had phase 1 working nicely before I broke things by adding step 2.” If possible, give me a picture or two.
  5. I’d like to take your project plan from 2 weeks ago and update it. Some of that is redundant with things above. But make sure you have answers to the following things. If possible, please highlight what’s different.
    1. Expected Result
    2. Success Criteria
    3. Foreseeable risks (hopefully, this list will be shorter)
    4. Evaluation Criteria
    5. Plan (but this is only the last 4/26-5/10 parts – you can skip the first parts)

Hopefully this is about a 2 page PDF (including pictures).

When is it due?

Because I was late in giving you the instructions, I am going to let you have until Sunday, April 28th at 5pm to turn this stuff in.

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