Final Project Deadlines

by Mike Gleicher on May 1, 2013

Officially, the final project is due at the end of classes, 5pm, May 10th.

Partially late assignments will be granted (subject the rules below). However, nothing will be accepted after noon on Thursday May 16th (so that I can get grades in on time). Note that in order to qualify for the extension, you need to follow some of the rules below.

What is required from final projects:

  1. Each person must turn in an annotated bibliography.
  2. Each person must turn in a writeup.
  3. Each person must turn in their technical artifacts
  4. Each group must turn in their artifact
  5. Each group must give an informal demo (or show at least a draft of their movie) in class on May 10th.
  6. Each person must turn in a self-evaluation and partner evaluations.

#5 is due in class on Friday, May 10th. If you cannot make this class, you must make an arrangement to show something in front of class beforehand (Tomislav has done this already).

All other parts are due by 5pm on May 10th. You may have a no-cost extension until Tuesday May 14th, 5pm if you request the extension as part of the May 3rd checkpoint. Note: you must present something in class even if you take the extensions. I was going to make going to the distinguished lecture a criterion for getting the extension, but I am not going to take attendance.

You may turn things in later (up until noon Thursday, May 16th) but I reserve the right to penalize you for being late.

Details for what you must do for each of these parts will be announced soon.

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