Project 2 Checkpoint 3 (May 3)

by Mike Gleicher on May 1, 2013

The last of the “project checkpoints” is due on Friday May 3rd, by 5pm.

Each person must send me an email.

Please send me an email that:

  1. gives me an update on your technical and artistic (if you’re making a movie) progress. a few sentences is fine, but hopefully, I should get a sense of how well things are going (especially if there were issues in prior weeks)
  2. an explanation of what you expect to show for your in-class demo on Friday, May 10th. note: informal is fine for this demo (a few minutes demo, and a brief explanation of what you did). we don’t have time for everyone to give a formal presentation
  3. describes what form you expect to turn in your final result (do you want to give a final demo, turn in movie files showing off what you did, …). be explicit about what kinds of things you expect to turn in (e.g. source code to a simulator, a few movie files showing off how the simulator works, the final movie, and the 3ds max file and assets in a big zip file)
  4. describes when you want to turn it in. (e.g. will you want the no cost extensions, …)

Note: for your final movies, I recommend that you post them on some video sharing service (Vimeo, YouTube) – you can make them private/password protected if you like (just let me know what the password is). However, I will also want a movie file for archiving, as well.

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