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Adding Paper Information

If you want to add a new Graphics publication, or modify an existing one, you will need to undertake the following steps:

  1. Follow the Intranet link. You will need to log in using your CSL credentials.
  2. If you are already a listed author in the database, continue. Otherwise add yourself using the Authors link under Publication Database.
  3. Follow the Publications link under Publication Database and add or edit your publication, making a note of the name assigned to it in the database (for instance a paper by John Doe in 2000 might be Doe00, a paper by John Doe and Jane Doe in 2010 might be DD10).
  4. Upload associated media (pictures, movies, pdfs) to the /p/graphics/public/htdocs/Papers/YEAR/CODE/ directory, where the year is the publication year and the code is the name from step 3.
  5. abstract.html and info.html are reserved for the abstract information and a “see also” section. Use info.html to direct people to your research page or other related pages.
  6. Once all of your files have been updated, go to your publication page and hit “update” to alert the database to the changes you have made.
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