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Adding Personal Information

If you want to be listed on the graphics members page you will need to undertake the following steps:

  1. Register for an account. You must use a wisc or cs.wisc.edu email address for registration.
  2. Wait for your account registration to be processed.
  3. Log in to the wordpress site.
  4. Go to the “People” menu and click “Add Person”
  5. Change the title of the person to your own, in “Lastname,Firstname” format
  6. Go to the HTML viewer and change every property in capital letters. If you want to upload an image directly using the WordPress media upload tools you may, but make sure that it is inserted with identical style to the template.
  7. In the “Categories” tab make sure you check one of the options underneath “People:” Alumni, Faculty, Friends, or Students.
  8. Hit publish!
  9. Under your user options (in the dashboard, Users > Your Profile), add your biographical sketch to the ‘Biographical Info’ textbox.  This will allow your info to be displayed under each post you author on the main site.

If you want to alter your description (including changing your category when you graduate or switch labs), log in, go the the People->People menu, and edit your description.

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