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CollabMOL Pymol Plugin Info

First in order to install CollabMOL you will need to modify PyMOL as below. These directions are only on OS X. It will work on windows with the same software packages but you will have to figure out how to get it set up. If you want this process to be much easier, you could ask Schrödinger to include a new version of PyOpenGL in a future release of PyMOL. This whole procedure will only work with the standard version of the PyMOL interface that relies upon X11 and not the aqua interface.

OS X pymol/OS modification instructions for game controller installation
(assumes pymol installed)

download and install pygame



this appears to be down: use this instead


download and install 360 controller drivers


Install the modified OpenGL into pymol as follows:
Use the tar file call realgl2.tar located at the following location:

<pymol.app path>/pymol/modules/pymol
Use finder or command line for this.
1.  untar the file in the download directory (a folder should appear)
2.  copy the RealGL folder into the above directory.
(note that in the finder you can explore the contents of an application by ctrl-clicking on an application and selecting show application contents)

This version of pyGL is more recent than the one that comes with pymol and is needed to draw the interface using the controllers and to pass pointer data around.

Installing CollabMOL

Download CollabMOL at: http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~bryden/CollabMOL/collabmol.tar.gz

Unzip this and copy   WiiMOL_Pygame.py and WiiMOL_Plugin.py  to <pymol .app-dir>/pymol/modules/pmg_tk/startup

Copy the collabmol directory to <pymol .app-dir>

You will probably have to edit the command that sets the PYTHONPATH environment variable inside WiiMOL_Pygame.py and WiiMOL_Plugin.py to reflect the places you installed PyGame, PyOPENGL and collabmol.

Start up PyMOL

try to start WiiMol(what CollabMol is called inside the PyMOL menus) . It will ask you to find the main file for collabMOL. navigate to the CollabMOL directory you just copied and select it. You want to select WiiMOL_Main.py After this close PyMOL and restart it.


How to start collabmol

Start WiiMOL after turning on the 360 controllers (using the plugin menu in the pymol tk interface).