Programming Assignment #8: GraphicsTown Part II

by Eftychios Sifakis on April 19, 2016

Due: Sunday April 24 Monday April 25th

Synopsis: You will add textured objects to your GraphicsTown project in order to practice working with basic texturing.

Learning Objectives:
The goal of this project is to give you experience creating textured objects and to use the GL machinery for textures. The focus here is on image textures (and regular ones) – there will opportunities later for other forms a texturing.

Evaluation: We will grade check/no check for turning a working version of the graphics town project that shows off the minimum required new features. We will give extra points for doing more than the minimum, or for creating particularly interesting things in the basic assignment.

Handin: You will turn in your assignment on Canvas [Link]


By now you should be familiar with the Graphics Town Project, last week you had the first part – adding a few object to the framework. This week you will continue to add object – just that this time you’ll add texture to the them.

Technically, you can add texture to the objects that you made last week – but the idea is that you keep adding more and more stuff so that the project becomes more and more interesting.

For this week, your project must contain objects that do the following things:

  1. You must have at least 2 different image-based textures on objects in your scene.
  2. At least one of the images must be one you found on the internet.
  3. At least one of the images must be one that you made yourself.
  4. It is recommended that of the textured objects must apply a texture that “wraps” around many triangles. That is a bunch of triangles need texture coordinates – and the object that the texture is applied to cannot be flat. The texture must extend beyond the flat part of the object. Putting a picture on a face of a cube doesn’t qualify. Putting a picture that wraps around a cube does.
  5. Your textures should be affected by lighting. (or at least some of them should).

It’s up to you what objects to make, and what textures to put on them – subject to the restrictions above. It’s OK to improve upon the objects you made for P7, or to add new object that make your town more interesting. We can look at the individual objects (that’s what the “Examine” mode is for).

These three new image-based textures are supposed to be image-based textures. You can of course add more than 3. And you can add procedural textures (in fact, the ground plane is a procedural texture). For this assignment, however, the main thing is to show that you can do image-based textures.

For this week, your evaluation is mainly us checking off that you’ve done the 3 textures and the requirements. The overall coolness of your town (fancy objects, nice designs, interesting behaviors, …) will help towards you grade – but we will evaluate that once at the end of the project. (When we get to P9).

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