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Course web for the Spring 2019 Computer Graphics Class

Update on late policy

Workbook late policy

Coming up with a consistent late policy is challenging because of the we are using GitHub. There is a question of what does it mean to “turn something in”. Is it a commit or a push? If you make many commits and pushes (which you should!), which do we pick?

We want to encourage you to start early and submit intermediate results. And if you finish the assignment, we want to encourage you to keep making it better (so you can keep learning more).

So the late policy (subject to change) is:

  1. You must commit and push the workbook to your personal repository before the “drop dead” time (usually Monday). We copy the repositories early Tuesday morning – and we will only grade what we collect. The grader will look at the most recent commit on the master branch in the copy made at collection time. If that GIT terminology doesn’t make sense to you, don’t worry, in most cases, this just means the last commit – unless you use a fancier GIT feature.

  2. If we don’t see you at least starting the assignment before the deadline (Friday), we may consider it late. We may check for pushes or commits before the deadline. If you haven’t even clicked on the Github Classroom link to create your repo by the deadline, that’s a really bad sign.

  3. If we see that your final commits are close to the drop dead time (Monday), we may consider things late.

Your workbook grade for the semester is the average of all the workbooks, dropping the lowest two. The workbook bonus is added to this. We may assess a penalty of up to 1/2 a grade (to the overall workbook grade) if you are chronically late. The real penalty for being late is getting bad scores on the assignment because you didn’t give yourself enough time to do the work. Lateness will mainly be used in borderline cases (your grade is on a boundary).

Being chronically late is not about any one assignment, it’s a about a consistent pattern. We may consider you chronically late if:

  1. In more than 1/3 of the workbooks your initial push/commit is after the (Friday) deadline.

  2. Your median time for “last push” is within 4 hours of the “drop dead time.”

  3. You both started late and finished late on more than 2-3 workbooks.