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Course web for the Spring 2019 Computer Graphics Class

The Week in CS559: Week 4 (Feb 11-15)

Week 4 ( Mon, Feb 11 – Fri, Feb 15): Transformation Math (in 2D)

Mon, Feb 11: Workbook 03: Coordinate Systems and Hierarchy assigned
Tue, Feb 12: Lecture: Linear Transformations
Thu, Feb 14: Lecture: Shapes in 2D
Fri, Feb 15: Workbook 03: Coordinate Systems and Hierarchy due

Last week, we discussed transformations and coordinate systems. This week, we’ll look more closely at how they are implemented. The APIs (like Canvas) take care of a lot for you, but understanding the math will let you use things better and prepare you for more complex transformations when we get to 3D.

Then we’ll move on to talk about shapes in 2D. We’ll get beyond straight edges (lines and polygons) and see how to do curves.

As always, there’s a workbook – but it seems that people are getting the hang of those.