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Clarification on Bonus Points

From the Policy Page:

If you collect enough bonus points over the course of the semester, you can get a 1/2 grade raise (AB to A). So, if you have a “B” for the workbooks, you can’t get an A no matter how many bonus points you get. You can use bonus points to get from a B to an AB, or a BC to a B, etc.

On each workbook, you get a score 0-3.5 (F to AB). At the end of the semester, we will take the average (dropping low scores).

On each workbook, you can earn “bonus points”. We count these up over the course of the semester. If you get “enough” we add .5 (e.g. AB to A) to your workbook grade. We don’t change individual grades: we just adjust at the end.

“Enough” is admittedly still hazy. We haven’t worked out the problem that some bonus points are worth more than others (since they may be harder).

Note that the bonus points raise your workbook grade. So, if you get a B average for the workbooks, and enough bonus points, your workbook grade is AB, and this is then averaged with the exams to figure your final grade. Doing the math, 65% AB and 35% A (if you got an A on the exams) is close to the borderline. We’ll look at borderline cases closely.

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