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Course web for the Spring 2019 Computer Graphics Class

The Week in CS559 (Week 5 – Feb 18-22): Curves and Shapes in 2D

Week 5 ( Mon, Feb 18 – Fri, Feb 22): Curves and Shapes in 2D

Mon, Feb 18: Workbook 04 : Transformation Math (in 2D) assigned
Tue, Feb 19: Lecture: Transformation and Shape in 2D
Thu, Feb 21: Lecture: Curves
Fri, Feb 22: Workbook 04 : Transformation Math (in 2D) due

This week, we’ll wrap up our discussion of transformations and discussion issues about representing shapes, particularly curves. We’ll stay in 2D,  but all the concepts will be useful when we get to 3D (in a week or so).

By now, the weekly rhythm of workbooks being released on Monday and due on Friday/Monday should be standard for you. It seems that most people are getting the hang of it. The workbooks will start involve more programming in the next few weeks.

The most unusual calendar event for class coming up is the midterm exam on March 12th. Remember, if you need to make special arrangements for the exam, you need to contact the Professor at least 3 weeks in advance.