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Course web for the Spring 2019 Computer Graphics Class

The week in CS559: Week 6 Feb 25-Mar 1: Curves and 3D

This week we’ll finish talking about curves and move on to making pictures in 3D. Almost everything we learned in 2D will be useful in 3D.

Week 6 ( Mon, Feb 25 – Fri, Mar 1): Creating 3D Stuff

Mon, Feb 25: Workbook 05: 2D Shapes assigned
Tue, Feb 26: Lecture: Cubics and Bezier Curves
Thu, Feb 28: Lecture: 3D Overview / Three Programming
Fri, Mar 1: Workbook 05: 2D Shapes due

And remember, the exam is coming up soon. (March 12th). More information will be provided this week.