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Course web for the Spring 2019 Computer Graphics Class

Workbook 2 Grading Questions

A few questions have come up with Workbook 2 grades:

  1. For page 5, exercise 1: The intent was that whenever a circle is under the mouse it should change color. The example solution does this. However, at least two people interpreted this as “if there is a click,” then change color. The graders did not consider this a correct answer. However, we can see how a student might read the assignment differently than we did. If you had this interpretation, and you believe that your code works correctly, and you lost the 1/2 point for not having circles change color, send a private message on Piazza and we will re-evaluate. Please do this before Friday 3/1.
  2. Students still seem confused about the bonus points. Please read We keep track of the bonus points you earned (they are listed at the end of the grading description), but they do not change your grade for this assignment. If you collect sufficient bonus points over the semester we will raise your overall workbooks score.