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Course web for the Spring 2019 Computer Graphics Class

Month: February 2019

Slides before Lectures

Several Students have asked about getting the slides before lectures.

I will try to do this. One catch: I’m not always sure ahead of time what slides I am going to use in class! Also, there isn’t one file per class (that’s done afterwards) – instead there are smaller pieces that get put together as we go.


I have created a “folder” on Canvas called “Lecture Preview“. I will put files into that directory. There will probably be files for at least the next lecture or two in the directory. These may get updated before class. I will try to remember to delete them after class (when I post the “after class” versions). They should be in roughly the same order we go through them in class.

Right now, if you look in you will see “04-canvas-marp.pdf” (which is where we’ll start on Tuesday), and a sequence of t01, t02, t03 which have the things we’ll do next. (I expect we’ll get through some of these on Tuesday and the rest on Thursday).

The Week in CS559: Week 3 (Feb 4-Feb 8)

Last week, we had snow and cold – which threw off the schedule. This week we’ll get back on track.

Week 3 ( Mon, Feb 4 – Fri, Feb 8): Coordinate Systems, Transformations, and Hierarchy

Mon, Feb 4: Workbook 02: Two APIs (Web Graphics Basics) assigned
Tue, Feb 5: Lecture: Canvas and Drawing
Thu, Feb 7: Lecture: Coordinate Systems and Hierarchy
Fri, Feb 8: Workbook 02: Two APIs (Web Graphics Basics) due

Since we didn’t get to do Workbook 2 last week, we’ll do it this week instead. Tuesday’s lecture should help.

On Tuesday, we’ll talk about drawing with Canvas and use that as a way to look at more JavaScript programming concepts. On Thursday, we’ll talk about coordinate systems, transformations and hierarchy – key computer graphics concepts.

On Friday, workbook 2 is due. Having a week without a workbook probably won’t happen again.