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Course web for the Spring 2019 Computer Graphics Class

Final Exam Info

One person got 44/44 correct. Many people got 43/44 correct. The median was 32/44.

I didn’t want to make hard cutoffs for the grades (since 1 question could make a big difference), so your grade is continuous from F (0) – A (4). 3 is B (not 75%). The curve is such that the median is at the AB/B border (which would round to an AB ). It’s a piecewise linear function if you’re curious. The actual function is below.

The statistical analysis from testing and evaluation suggests that there are no problems.


  • 40 and above = A
  • 37 is 3.75 (which rounds to A)
  • 32 (median) is 3.35 (which rounds to AB)
  • 27 is 2.3 (which rounds to BC)

Answer keys:

If you want the actual curve, it’s:

zeroPoint = 16
topPoint = 40
midGrade = 3.35
midPoint = 32
def curve(score):
    if score>=midPoint:
        return (4-midGrade) * min(1,(score-midPoint)/(topPoint-midPoint)) + midGrade
        return max(0,(score-zeroPoint)/(midPoint-zeroPoint)) * midGrade