August 2012

Collaboration Policy

by Mike Gleicher on August 29, 2012

Computer game design and development (and Computer Graphics) is (usually) a team sport. In fact, learning computer game development (and, arguably, learning in general) is best done in collaboration with others. Unfortunately, in a university class setting, we have the unfortunate constraint that we must grade individuals independently, so we need to have people work […]

Why work in groups? Why assigned groups?

by Mike Gleicher on August 29, 2012

In this class, many of the activities will require you to work in groups. We do this for several reasons, including: Actual game development is done (almost always) in groups. Almost all work is done in groups. Learning to work in a group is an important skill, and one that you can always get more […]

Course Survey

by Mike Gleicher on August 26, 2012

Everyone must take the course survey: Please complete the survey before noon on Monday, September 10th. We will not assign you a project 1 partner until you have completed the survey. We will not accept assignments from students who have not completed the survey. (noon on Monday is an odd-time for something to be […]

Some Javascript, Canvas, and WebGL Resources

by Mike Gleicher on August 22, 2012

I started assembling this post, but then I realized that it is much better done as a discussion in the forum. So after reading the post, go to the discussion board for programming resources – and comment and contribute more! There are tons of things around the web. Here are a few that may help […]

Course Announcement

by Mike Gleicher on August 18, 2012

CS679: Computer Games Technologies, Fall 2012 This class will be most similar to last year’s (2011) offering (see the old course web). Previous years (2010, 2008, 2007) share some of the same course design, but our new emphasis on the design and software engineering aspects of the class, as well as our use of web-technologies […]

Welcome to the CS679 Course Web!

by Mike Gleicher on August 18, 2012

This is the News page – or a list of announcements that seem important. If you want to know about the class, you might start with the Course Announcement. The Course Info Page has links to all kinds of useful stuff. Dialog is in the class forum (open only to students).