September 2012

Problem with Handin Directories

by Mike Gleicher on September 27, 2012

There was a problem in setting up handin directories (we didn’t give you correct file permissions). This is being fixed. Stay tuned for an update. It now seems that this problem has been fixed. Please let us know if there is still a problem.

Project 1 Handin Information

by Mike Gleicher on September 24, 2012

Turning in Project 1 has a few parts. Be sure to do all of them The game itself (everything necessary to play it) Your individual “reflection” exercise (Assignment 4) Your playtest feedback (of other people’s games) In class, on Friday, September 28th, we’ll play the games. This means you need to have it working, and […]

Assignment 4: Project 1 Post-Mortem

by Mike Gleicher on September 24, 2012

This assignment is really part of Project 1, but since it is done individually (rather than with your partner) we will call it an assignment. It is due before class on Tuesday, October 2. The reason for this deadline is that you’ll be starting project 2, and we want to have project 1 out of […]

Lecture 7& 7b: (9/25&27) Game Graphics

by Mike Gleicher on September 24, 2012

Some background: Graphics Programming 2007 Using Graphics Hardware 2008 Game Graphics 2010 (1 page of general notes first) Game Graphics 2011 (Why) Few A3 – A4 is coming (and is sortof part of P1) Last time: why do we care about tech in Games This time: why do we care about graphics in Games, and […]

The Week in 679: Week 4 Sept 24-28

by Mike Gleicher on September 21, 2012

This coming week in 679 you’ll wrap up project 2 and we’ll talk about graphics. Remember that Assignment 3 is due on Monday September 24th. Tuesday (Sep 25th) – We’ll start to talk about graphics. We’ll review some basics, the role of graphics in games, and some of the high-level strategies in graphics performance. Please […]

Project 2: A WebGL/Graphics-based game

by Mike Gleicher on September 21, 2012

Project 2 is similar to project 1. Make a game. Very limited time. Small team (3 this time). A lot less restrictive in terms of content. But, you’ll have more experience, and a few game design lectures behind you. The schedule (at least as insane as last time): Friday, October 5 – team planning email […]

Project 1 Handin

by mark on September 21, 2012

Howdy. For your Project 1 submissions, you need to drop whatever files are required to run your game in a specially-created directory for you & your group. Get excited! On an instructional machine, go to the following directory: /p/course/cs679-gleicher/handin12/Proj1/ Now you might ask yourself, “Self, how do I know which directory is mine?” Easy. Your […]

Lecture 6: (9/20) Tech for Games (more efficiency stuff)

by Mike Gleicher on September 20, 2012

Last time: how to accelerate some things – but didn’t get to “concrete” Today: why to accelerate some things (and to use fancy tech in general) – but in the abstract Link: brainstorm about really practical things in efficiency (to be a little project related) Start: This is the games technologies class, is is a […]

Lecture 5: (9/18) Flocking and Spatial Data Structures

by Mike Gleicher on September 16, 2012

Announcements Forum fixes Assignment 2 (critiques) Assignment 3 (graphics readings) Friday (show and tell) Steering Behaviors Each time, “steer” maintain velocity (if flying), or adjust change direction each agent does it independently (but can look at others) distributed model Different “Behaviors” wander goals potential field / vector fields align follow avoid collide prediction (go where […]

Assignment 3/ Reading 3: Graphics Words

by Mike Gleicher on September 16, 2012

This assignment is a combination of a reading assignment and a “writing assignment.” The assignment is due on Monday 9/24 before noon. There is a diversity of background in graphics in the class. Part of the goal of this assignment is to give you a chance to do a little self-assessment, and for us to […]