Javascript / Canvas / Flocking Tutorial

by Mike Gleicher on September 5, 2012

I have made a simple “tutorial” to walk you through getting started with Javascript, Canvas (what you’ll use for drawing), and even showing off the basics of flocking. The program more than meets the requirements for the first phase of Project 1. We’ll walk through it in the lab session on Friday, September 7. But you can try it yourself.

The tutorial is a simple program where I saved a version (using the Mercurial version control system) for each step of the way. That way you can flip between versions and see how the code progressed. It’s less of a tutorial, than a simple piece of example code that you can try to understand and see how it was developed.

You can see the final results (Phase 13) here. To see the code (and step through the versions), clone the repository:

If you don’t understand the idea of “cloning a repository”, you should learn more about Mercurial (or distributed source control). We’ll talk about it in class. If you prefer GIT to Mercurial, you can clone:

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