The Week in 679: Week 12 November 26-30

by Mike Gleicher on November 25, 2012

We’ve made it through Thanksgiving, and are now ready for that final push towards the final project! We’ll use class times for lectures (usually), but we’ll cut back on readings and assignments so you can stay focused on projects.

  • Tuesday, November 27 – Lecture on Graphics. We’ll talk about lighting and shading and other graphics topics.
  • Tuesday, November 29 – more discussion on Graphics. Topics depend on how much we get through on Tuesday.
  • Friday, November 30 – project milestone (playable demo). This is the last major milestone before the play test (which is December 7th). Your group needs to show a playable prototype. Not all the elements need to be put together (you can have independent examples of the different technologies, you might not have levels or progression or …) – but there should be something that looks and feels like a game. The exact mechanism for us to check on this is TBD

Next week, we’ll have some tech topic lectures (probably animation and/or AI), but mainly it will be getting ready for the playtest.

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