Project 3: Tech (playable) Demo–and other phases

by Mike Gleicher on November 26, 2012

As we get closer to the end, I thought I would give you some details as to how the class is going to wrap up (at least the project aspects).

Friday, November 30: the Tech Demo

For this milestone, you should have a playable prototype that conveys that all of the technology behind the game is going to work. It might not all be wired together. It might not be a tuned or fun (or even complete) game. But it should give a pretty compelling idea of what the player is going to see and do.

This milestone is an important checkpoint. If you aren’t (at least) this far along, you will have a tough time having a complete game for playtests (coming soon).

We want to check in with each group to make sure you are this far along. Although, to be honest, if you’re not that far along, about all we can do is say is “good luck, you have a big task ahead of you.”

For this milestone, all you need to do is have someone in your group show a brief glimpse of the game to Mark on Friday, November 30th. He’ll be in the lab during lab time. Alternatively, you can give him a demo at the end of class on the 29th (if you’re ready). Or send him a link where he can try the game online (if it’s sufficiently self-explanatory).

(Note: I will not be at lab session on 11/30. If you have questions for me, talk to me in class on Thursday, or send me email on Friday morning – I will have limited email access on Friday afternoon and over the weekend).

looking ahead:

Friday, December 7th: the Playtest

On one hand, the play test is just that. A chance for other people to play your game and give you feedback.

On the other hand, this is one of the main places that we’ll get an impression of what your game is. So you can sortof view this as the most important demo. It’s also the one time where everyone in class will play your game. You don’t want to waste their time.

During lab time, there will be a relatively tight schedule where each person is scheduled to receive (and/or give) a demo during a time slot. If all goes well, every person will play every game – with one of the games authors watching.

To make the schedule work, each group will need to have their game turned in and running from the web before the session begins.

Details on the logistics will be given prior to the event.

From this, everyone will be expected to write notes about what they learned as part of the gold master.

Friday, December 14th: Gold Master

In lab session time on Friday the 14th, we’ll have a “Festival of Games” where we can spend some time enjoying the final results. The final versions of the games are due at this time. They must be turned in before the class time.

There will also be a number of other documentation elements that are required. Each person will need to write a post-mortem/reflection, and there will be a group written handin (mainly describing what feedback was received at the playtest, and how the game was changed). More details will be provided closer to the date.

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