Changes in CS559

by Mike Gleicher on September 2, 2015

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This message was sent to students who were enrolled in CS559 before class began, but the set of people in the class has changed, so not everyone has seen it. This is why we prefer to use this webpage as the primary source for class announcements.

Changes in CS559

You are receiving this email because you are enrolled in CS559 – Computer Graphics – this coming semester, and we want to warn you of some changes to the class. All of these changes are experimental.

The web page for CS559, Fall 2015 is:

First Big Change: The class will be co-taught by Professor Michael Gleicher and Professor Eftychios Sifakis.

This means that if you want to send email to "the professor" you need to send it – so it gets to both of us. One (or both) of us will see it there and respond. If you send course related email to one of us directly, there will be a delay in response.

Second Big Change: The programming assignments in the class will be done using web-based technologies. Yes, that means no C++ – you’ll be programming in JavaScript. For more information, see:

There is a tradition in 559 of making students pick up a new programming language in order to do the assignments for the class. Historically, we have provided a little help (pointers to books, help sessions). This semester we will try to provide another option.

We are going to offer a 1 credit class (a section of CS638) that will "teach" Javascript and Web programming. Another way to phrase it is: if you’re going to spend the time learning Javascript, you might want to get credit for it. For this semester, it will be offered with a 638 number and be offered Pass/Fail only.

We appreciate that many students won’t be able to sign up for 638 because of the timing. We’re only telling you about this now (late August), so you might not be able to fit a 2:30 Tuesday class onto your schedule. You are welcome (encouraged) to look at the readings and assignments for the class, even if you aren’t taking it.

We will take care such that 559 students who are not signed up for 638 will not be at a disadvantage (other than, missing out on some Javascript experience that they could get elsewhere).

If you do sign up for 559 and 638, we will try to make it overlap well. For many of the 638 assignments, you will be able to use your 559 assignments.

Third Big Change: Books All required readings will be made available via the web. There will be a textbook, but Wendt Library has arranged for online access for students. If you want to buy hardbound copies, information is available on the class website.

If you have any questions, please send us a note at (NOT to Gleicher or Sifakis’ regular email).

We look forward to seeing you on September 3rd (the first day of class) at 11am in room 1120 Biochem.

Mike and Eftychios

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