The Week in Vis: Week 3 (February 2-February 7)

by Mike Gleicher on January 29, 2015

Two weeks in, and some of the experimental aspects of the class are stabilizing. I think we’ve figured out Canvas.

The online discussions seem quite vibrant, and in class it seems like people have a lot to contribute! This is great (well, it’s interesting for me – I hope you’re getting something out of it), I just need to figure out how to better balance hearing all the great things people have to say and getting through the material (a big, active class is a new experience for me – please bear with me as I figure out how to manage it).

Last week, in the process of dealing with many mundane things (defining terms and motivations), we actually snuck in a lot of concepts that we will start coming back to. While we didn’t get to do much critique or in-class student exercises, we’re ready for them next week.

We’re ready to start moving from read, listen and discuss to read, design, and discuss.

Some important announcments:

  • Please bring drawing supplies to class. A set of colored pencils is my favorite, but multiple colors of pens or markers work well too. And bring some blank paper (although we’ll try to bring some of that as well). We won’t necessarily use it every day, but hopefully we can start doing it more.
  • The Course Schedule page has been posted! See it on the top menu! It doesn’t look too far ahead (yet), but it should give you a sense of the rhythm of the class. We’ve hopefully simplified things so you can predict what is happening (if it’s Monday or Wednesday, there’s something due). There is an updated explanation of the Online Discussion Assignments that should clarify a lot too.

Next week:

  • Reading 4, Task and Data Abstraction is due before Tuesday. There is a discussion (you need to make your initial posting on Monday).
  • In class on Tuesday, we’ll do some critiques (odds and ends left over from last week), and discuss the abstraction readings.
  • Reading 5, Think Differently! is due before Thursday. There is a discussion (you need to make your initial posting on Wednesday).
  • Seek and Find 3 is due on Wednesday as well.
  • In class Thursday, we’ll talk about standard and non-standard designs, and I’ll introduce our first design challenge!
  • We didn’t advertise the 838 Bonus Assignment (Vis Research) very well, so we’re giving everyone an extension until Friday.
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