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by Mike Gleicher on January 31, 2015

As you have noticed, we are asking you to upload a lot of images – in time there will be more (since we’ll be asking  you to make pictures as well).

Two things to keep in mind:

1. With Canvas, there is a 50MB upload limit per student. We don’t know how to get around it. This should be enough – unless you upload massive pictures. If you start to run against the limit, contact Alper and we’ll work out another mechanism.

2. For some assignments coming up, we’ll ask you to do things on paper and upload them. 

If you don’t have access to a scanner, a cell phone or tablet (iPhone or Android) can serve well, given appropriate software. I like CamScanner ( – its one of many scanning apps. It has the advantage that it is cross platform (iPhone and Android), and they give the “full” version free to academics (look on their support page – its hard to find). It does a nice job of keystone correction, image cleanup, …

No matter what you use, watch the file size – its easy to make gigantic files with a scanner! 

If you’re totally stuck, you can ask Alper for help with scanning.

Note that in some cases, we will ask you to scan things and bring the original to class.

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