The Week in Vis: Week 7 (March 2-6)

by Mike Gleicher on February 27, 2015

This past week we talked about color. We read about color. We saw color. Students sent me even more pictures of color effects. It was a colorful week. I think we all learned that we have a lot to learn about color!

So now, it’s time to talk about other visual channels, and encodings in general.

We’ll also move past our Design Challenge and go onto our first Data exercise!


  • For Tuesday, March 3, We’ll have a lecture on encodings. There’s a reading and discussion due (Reading 12). As an experiment, the readings for this week are one big reading. Do some of it for Monday (before class Tuesday) and make your initial posting. And then make another posting when you’ve read more.
  • For Thursday (March 5th), there are a bunch of things due (technically due Wednesday night). Your critiques for the Design Challenge are due. There is another Seek and Find due (although, we’ll let you skip the searching part). And you should have done more of the readings.
  • On Thursday, March 5th, we’ll take some time to introduce the Data Exercise. Alper will show off some tools you might want to learn about (including Tableau). We’ll also continue to talk about encodings.
  • On Friday (March 6th) there is an 838 only reading assignment that is “due” – although, we are giving you a free extension.

The following week (March 9) we’ll continue talking about encoding and layout, with a focus on a particularly tricky kind of data: graphs and networks (graphs in the math sense, of being a set of objects with connections between them).

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