The Week in Vis: Week 9 (March 16-20)

by Mike Gleicher on March 14, 2015

Last week, we talked about graph data. We also did the first phase of our data exercise, and we had a mini-design exercise where I got a lot of feedback on how to improve how we spend our time in class.

This week, I’ll work on trying to find ways to implement those suggestions.

We’ll also talk about multi-variate data. The readings are combined: do some reading for Tuesday, and more for Thursday. And we’ll have the next phase of the data exercise.

So, for the week:

  • For Monday, you need to do Reading 16, and make an initial posting to the discussion. You might want to do all the reading (for Reading 17 as well), since there isn’t that much more, and you have other things due Wednesday.
  • In class Tuesday, we’ll talk about high-dimensional data. And we might try to have some small-group activity around it (if I can figure out something to do in class).
  • For Wednesday, you have to turn in your designs for the design exercise.
  • There is no Seek-and-Find this week.
  • There is no 838 only assignment this week. (although there is a little extra in the design exercise).
  • On Thursday, well, I am not sure what will happen in class on Thursday, since I am re-thinking how we’re doing things based on the feedback.
  • On Thursday or Friday, you will get some of your classmates’ designs to critique. More instructions forthcoming.

The following week… we’ll only have class on Tuesday. There is a reading (Reading 18 and 19) and discussion on interaction. You’ll also have to do some peer critiques for the design exercise. We might do some in-class critiques of the design exercise as well. (to be determined)

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