This Week in Vis: Week 10 (March 23-27)

by Alper Sarikaya on March 20, 2015

Last week, we talked about multi-variate encodings.  We also submitted our four stories exercise, and had a mini-glyph design exercise where we talked about the consequences of packing information into a small space.

This week, we’ll talk about interaction… although we’ve been hitting on particular points in all weeks leading up to this point.  The readings are again combined; do some reading for Tuesday, and then for the rest of the week.

Remember, we have no class on Thursday (March 26th) this week.

For the week:

  • For Monday, you need to do Reading 18, and make an initial posting to the discussion.  You might want to do all the reading since there isn’t that much more.
  • In class Tuesday, we’ll talk about interactions and the different affordances.  We’ll look at some standardized ways to implement and deal with data at scale with interaction.
  • For Wednesday, you have to turn in your critiques for the Four Stories assignment.  You can see all of the stories here.
  • For Wednesday, Seek and Find 10 for visualizations incorporating interaction is due.

The week following break, we will not have any class on Tuesday (April 7th).  In lieu of class, we would like you to ‘attend’ a virutal lecture by watching a capstone presentation from one of the two major data visualization conferences in the last year.

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