The Week in Vis: Week 11 (April 6-10) – Post-Break Edition

by Mike Gleicher on April 6, 2015

Two weeks ago, we started to learn about interaction. Then we had Spring Break (and for Alper and I, the Vis paper deadline). We also had a chance to look at the results of the survey on how to adapt class for the last few weeks.

For this week…

  • On Tuesday, there is no lecture, but instead there is a “virtual guest lecture.” Watch one of the two videos and comment on what you’ve learned.
  • On Thursday, we’ll have an in-class design exercise to remind ourselves what we’ve learned so far, and to motivate some of the things that are coming up.
  • Besides the virtual guest lecture, there are no other assignments for this week. No seek and find (sorry to those who really like them!), no extra readings, no 838 assignments …

The topic for next week will be dealing with larger data (“too much stuff”) and we will get back to our normal schedule of events. Expect a plan for the rest of the semester soon.

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