Seek and Find 11: Too Much Stuff

by Mike Gleicher on April 9, 2015

Due Date: Wednesday, April 15, 11:59pm

Turn-in Link: On Canvas

As in the previous seek and find, identifying something interactive is OK (definitely give a link, but please add a picture if you can).

In this seek and find, you need to find an example of something that shows a lot of data – using (at least) one of the techniques we talked about in class for dealing with “too much stuff.” In your description, be clear about why you think there’s “a lot of data” and what approach the visualization uses to address that scalability challenge. Is the approach effective?

Note: starting with this seek and find, we’ll use a different scoring rubric:

  1. 1pt – for turning in something on time
  2. 1pt – for correctly having something you found (a picture, with a description, and a link to the source)
  3. 1pt – if the thing you found really is an example of what we’re looking for (in this case, using some approach to deal with a scalability challenge)
  4. 1pt – for having an adequate response to the question (in this case, about the approaches used for scalability)
  5. 1pt – for particularly insightful commentary (either about your own submission, or a discussion of someone else’s)
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