The Week in Vis: Week 12 (April 13-17)

by Mike Gleicher on April 9, 2015

Last week, we tried to motivate the challenges of dealing with scale. And we didn’t even get to millions of data elements (never mind more than that). So for this week, we’ll try to learn more about how we handle the challenges of scale in visualization.

  • Reading 20 will give you some of the general approaches. There’s an initial posting due before class on Tuesday the 14th, and additional discussion afterwards. For this reading, 838 students have to do some extra stuff.
  • Seek and Find 11 will ask you to find an example in the real world of the kinds of techniques we’re learning about.

During the week, we’ll tell you about the next design challenge. During class, we’ll also see some examples of work here at UW that tries to address some scalability challenges.

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