The Week in Vis: Week 13 (April 20-24)

by Mike Gleicher on April 17, 2015

Last week, we talked about strategies for dealing with lots of objects and lots of dimensions. I waved my hands about dimensionality reduction and PCA, and maybe you got some of the intuitions behind it (if you hadn’t seen it before). I also (briefly) showed off some of the work we’ve done related to the problems (splatterplots and explainers)

Next week, the big topic will be uncertainty. It’s a big hard topic, but we won’t spend a ton of time on it. We’ll also look at examples of visualization systems to see how they embody some of the concepts we’ve learned about. And, we’ll get started on the last Design Challenge, which will give me an excuse to tell you about Explainers (a project I am very proud of!).

  • Tuesday,  I’ll talk about Explainers (as a way to reinforce dimensionality reduction, but also to set up the Design Challenge). We’ll discuss the design challenge a bit. And then, we’ll look at Serendip, a system we built in our group that deals with large data visualization in various ways.
  • The reading and discussion for this week is about Uncertainty. It’s not due until Wednesday, since I am posting it late, and we won’t talk about uncertainty until Thursday.
  • As usual, we have a seek and find due on Wednesday. Seek and Find 12 is about uncertainty visualization.
  • The final design challenge, as well as information about grading, will be posted soon. (maybe even over the weekend). It’s all set – it just needs to be checked and details added.
  • There isn’t an 838-only assignment due this week – but there will be one announced for the following week.

The following week, we’ll talk about 3D and D3 (not that those topics go together, its just that its what’s left, and it makes for a great palindromic pun). The last week, we’ll talk about some of the topics that are left over (animation, traditional scientific visualization, depicting motion, …)

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