Seek and Find 1: Bring Me a Visualization!

by gleicherapi on August 1, 2017

Due: Fri, Sep 08 (Cutoff:Fri, Sep 22)
Canvas Link: Seek and Find 1: Bring Me a Visualization! on CanvasGeneral Instructions: See the seek and find assignment rules
Specific Instructions (Discussion Prompt):

Seek and Find 1: Bring Me A Visualization!

We want you to be a little more aware of the visualizations that you encounter in your life. We also want to work out the mechanics of handing in assignments, specifically seek and finds.

The idea here is to see how common visualizations are in the world. My guess is you’ve seen a lot of them in the past week. Bring us one of them. It should be something you find interesting, and would have encountered in your life. You shouldn’t have to look hard to find one. But, you might want to look a little bit for an interesting one.

For this week, bring us any visualization. Subject to the Seek and Find ground rules.

For week 1, you can pick any data visualization – but pick one that you encountered recently. Either something from your day to day life, your research, your hobbies, …

In your description, tell us where you encountered it and why you were interested in it. Don’t worry about judging it for now.

When you embed your image into your canvas posting (see instructions) please make sure that it isn’t set to be too big.

After you’ve uploaded your image, have a look at what other people have posted! While you aren’t required to comment / discuss, it can be an interesting thing to do.

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