Seek and Find 2: Why Vis That?

by gleicherapi on August 1, 2017

Due: Fri, Sep 15 (Cutoff:Fri, Sep 22)
Canvas Link: Seek and Find 2: Why Vis That? on CanvasGeneral Instructions: See the seek and find assignment rules
Specific Instructions (Discussion Prompt):

Seek and Find 2: Why Vis this?

For this seek and find, you need to find a visualization for which you can say why this visualization was made. What is the task that required a visualization? Why couldn’t this have been just done with a few numbers or a little text? Why did the designer bother to make a visual representation?

Include a picture of the visualization, a link to it in context (if there is one), a brief description of what the visualization is, and an explanation of why it needed to be a visualization (those 3 questions in the previous paragraph are a good start).

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