DC2 Demos

by Mike Gleicher on November 24, 2017

In class Wednesday, many people were interested in seeing what others have done for DC2. So, we’ll have a demo session in the class time slot on Friday, December 1st.

Showing off your DC2 is optional: we will grade them whether you give a demo or not. However, we will take the demo into account if you do one. It can only help you. If your assignment is better “on paper” than when you show it off, we’ll ignore the demo. If your demo is great, that can make up for other deficiencies.

Technically, we will accept late assignments on Friday – however, we will only let you do a demo if you have already turned in your assignment. We really want people moving onto DC3 (coming soon, as we discussed in class).

Some Notes:

  1. If you want us to see your program running, the demos are the only way to insure we see it live. We will try to run people’s programs (especially if it’s easy to just open a web page or something). But we cannot spend too much time during grading to try to make everything go.
  2. Demos aren’t limited to implementation assignments: you can show off your sketched design as well. That way you can describe the interactions you envisioned, or anything that was hard to draw.
  3. In theory, I would like to be “strict” on the 5 minutes per project. 1 minute to set up, 3 minutes to show off, 1 minute for questions. In practice, it’s hard to cut off interesting questions
  4. The room has a VGA connector – if you want to plug in your laptop, make sure to have an appropriate adapter (I will have a mini-DisplayPort -> VGA one). It’s probably best if you use your own laptop rather than relying on mine.
  5. You can use the document camera to show off things on paper as well.
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