Seek and Find 6: Name That Encoding (and change it)

by Mike Gleicher on February 5, 2017

Due: Friday, February 24

link to Canvas

This is back to the “usual” seek and find, where you need to find a visualization (remember the ground rules… provide a picture and a link, describe what it is, … – seek and find 1 has the instructions).

This time, I want you to find a visualization and describe/critique its encoding. Start by describing the correct abstraction of the data and task (just like in Assignment 5), and then describe the encodings used to map that data into the visualization. Critique the encoding. Then offer an alternative encoding (it’s OK if the one you pick isn’t as good as the original, especially if the original is good – but it should be plausible). If you can sketch it, great, but if not just describe it. And compare it to the original.

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