The critique examples from class 2/8

by Mike Gleicher on February 8, 2017

This is what we did for the critique exercise in class on Wednesday February 8th. I purposefully am not telling

  1. Context (what is the purpose? who is the audience? what must it fit into? …)
  2. What is it? How do you describe the design / design choices / details / …?
  3. What works? What can you get from it easily? (or more broadly, something good)
  4. What doesn’t work? Are there things you might want to do with this that you can’t? 
  5. What can we learn from it? (either redesign advice, guidance for future designs, …)

Please don’t look at these before we do the exercise in class.

  1. Friends with college degrees
  2. Women are gaining jobs, men are losing them
  3. Impact of ObamaCare in 4 maps (map 4)
Not for individual :
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