Seek and Find 7: Standard Designs

by Mike Gleicher on February 12, 2017

Due Date: Friday, March 3rd (discussion open for a week beyond that)

Turn in Link: Discussion on Canvas (will be available around Feb 27)

In this seek and find, you are tasked with finding a visualization that is based on a “standard” design. It should be a type of chart you’ve seen before – preferably one that has a name (from playing with Tableau or doing the third part of Reading 5 you should know the names of lots of common chart types).

We specifically want you to find “good” examples (despite being based on a standard design). A visualization that seems appropriate for the data and task.

As usual, provide a picture and a link. In your description, please explain:

  • What is the “standard design” that it is based on?
  • How appropriate is the design to the form of the data (i.e., the data abstraction)?
  • How appropriate is the design to the tasks? (or, what tasks is it appropriate for)
  • Why do you think this is an effective visualization.

This will be good practice for Design Challenge 1, where you will likely be using standard charts (since you’re most likely making them with standard tools).

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