The Week in Vis: Spring Break Edition (3/27-3/31)

by Mike Gleicher on March 17, 2017

It is Spring Break – so this is for the week coming up after break!

This past week, we talked about interaction and we did an in-class design assignment. The first Design Challenge was due.

The last part of the Design Challenge, peer critiques, has been assigned. You should have received email from Alper. Because we were late in getting these out to you, we are giving you extra time (They are now due on March 31st).

After break, we’ll be talking about graphs. You can get started on Reading 10 and the Associated Discussion 10.

After break, we’ll be doing Design Challenge 2. You can start early if you like.

The Schedule:

  • Monday March 27 – Lecture on Graphs. Reading 10 (first part) is due, as is the first posting for Assignment/Discussion 10.
  • Wednesday, March 29 – In Class Exercises. We’ll do some experimenting with graph drawing, and some critiques.
  • Friday, March 31 – No Class! As usual, the Seek and Find for the week and the other posts for Discussion 10 are due. Unlike usual, your Peer Reviews for Design Challenge 1 are due. (we gave people extra time).
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