Seek and Find 11: How did they make that?

by Mike Gleicher on March 21, 2017

Due: Friday, April 7

Handin: As a Canvas discussion post (link)

This seek and find is a little more open ended than usual… pick a visualization on the web that makes you think “how did they do that?” and try to see if you can figure out what the underlying technologies are.

In general, we’ve been trying to think about visualizations without considering the implementation. But now, let’s consider the implementation.

When you look at an impressive visualization, can you figure out how the authors made it? Can you at least think about what tools would be appropriate (or not)?

You can cheat by picking a visualization from a tutorial or visualization web page (like an example from the D3 gallery) – in which case, the author will tell you what tools are being used. But, the spirit of this assignment is to look for visualizations “in the wild” and see that it isn’t always so easy to figure out the implementation details.

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