Seek and Find 14: 3D

by Mike Gleicher on March 23, 2017

Due: Friday, April 28th

Handin: Canvas discussion (link)

We aren’t talking about 3D in class until next week, but we’ll do the seek and find before the readings/discussions/lecture.

In this seek and find, you need to find a visualization that shows something in 3D. Preferably something where the author has put some effort into designing it so that 3D works in the 2D image (but if 3D is failing to show depth, then you might discuss why).

It should be something where there really is 3D – either it’s showing real 3D objects, or using a third spatial dimension to show data. You should not pick something where 3D is just decoration (e.g., a 3D pie chart or bar chart)

In your discussion, be sure to discuss why this is (or isn’t) a good use of 3D, and how the author has tried to make it easier to perceive depth (or if they haven’t tried, what they might do instead).

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