The Week in Vis: Week 11 (4/3/-4/7)

by Mike Gleicher on April 1, 2017

We made it to April – the home stretch for the class.

If you’ve been waiting for implementation stuff, now is the time for it. If you aren’t interested in implementation, we can hopefully still make it interesting for you.

In case you missed it, Design Challenge 2 is going on. You have something due on Tuesday. Get Used to things being due on Tuesdays.

This Week…

  • Monday, April 3 – “Lecture” on Implementation, but also a discussion about the design challenges. The lecture will be a lot more high-level than just talking about D3. But you have reading 11 for that. Don’t forget about a discussion for Discussion 11!
  • Tuesday, April 4 – Design Challenge 2, Phase 1. If you don’t turn it in on time, we can’t count it, since once you see the designs we’ll show in class (and the discussion in class), you’ll think about the problem differently.
  • Wednesday, April 5 – We’ll have an in-class discussion about Design Challenge 2, Phase 2 – I’ll show some designs that might open up your thinking. We’ll also play with some D3 examples so you can see what is going on under the hood.
  • Friday, April 7 – it’s Friday, so there is a Seek and Find and additional discussions due. No class.

Next week… multi-variate data.

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